BIOTOX and ECCA merge knowledge and experience

BIOTOX Laboratories in Jabbeke to relocate to ECCA Laboratories in Merelbeke next spring.

Merelbeke, Flanders, 26 September 2016. BIOTOX Laboratories in Jabbeke, Belgium, plans to relocate its operations to the premises of ECCA Laboratories in Merelbeke in April 2017. The organisation’s move signifies a merger of knowledge and experience in one location and reflects the shared visions and missions of both companies.

Founded in 1980, ECCA Laboratories was the first privately owned independent company of its kind in Flanders. Between them, BIOTOX and ECCA share more than 50 years of experience in chemical, microbiological and biological analysis in the food and environment industries. Their continued growth now requires infrastructural expansion, from which their innovative capabilities will also benefit significantly. The decision to relocate BIOTOX to its new facilities in Merelbeke guarantees both.

Perfect match

The partnership between BIOTOX and ECCA is a logical step towards leading innovation. Both laboratories have the same mission: “To be an independent service provider whose core task is to perform laboratory analyses and to offer added value.” The core values of the partnership focus on customer satisfaction, quality and knowledge. Their shared missions and principles form the base for a perfect match, in which BIOTOX aims to further expand in the field of microbiology. Given the limited options for expansion in Jabbeke, the decision to relocate to new facilities on the premises of ECCA makes perfect sense. It means that BIOTOX and ECCA can continue their partnership at the same location. Both will continue to operate independently.

The advantages of relocating

BIOTOX and ECCA have a history of sharing knowledge and experience. The relocation to Merelbeke stands to increase the efficiency of both. The only thing that changes for BIOTOX customers is the location of the company, which will enable it to optimise its workflow to their advantage. Samples can now be delivered and processed at one location after the relocation. BIOTOX will continue to outsource chemical analyses to ECCA, but the current inefficient transportation of goods between two separate locations will soon be obsolete due to the close proximity of both laboratories. This guarantees a much higher analysis turnover rate. In addition, new automation processes will be implemented simultaneously, thereby significantly expediting processing times.

The move creates significant added value for the customers of both BIOTEX and ECCA, seeing that they will soon be able to benefit from joint quality management, an extensive range of analyses and a convenient location. In short, the relocation offers major advantages for all.